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Los Cañones, Park City Guía de viaje

Resumen de Canyons Resort


  • Family-friendly area
  • Huge mountain with tons of different slopes
  • Great views
  • Farmer's markets during the summer


  • Not a very lively nightlife scene

What It's Like

The largest ski area in Park City and the fifth largest in the US, The Canyons is the more laid-back, family-friendly option in Park City. The focus here isn't on partying or fine dining (though it has a bit of each), but instead is all about the slopes. It's a large mountain, and there are slopes for every level of skiier; some of the beginner slopes offer the most beautiful views. There are also some great back country skiing spots.

The Canyons was opened shortly after Park City Mountain, and in recent years has been updated with new lifts and slopes; a significant portion of terrain was opened up for skiiers as well. During the summer, there are weekly farmer's markets with delicious produce.

Where To Stay

The Canyons is a (slightly) less expensive option in Park City. There's less of a party scene than by Park City Mountain, but it is just a short drive from Park City's Main Street.

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